Glass repair kit GLASS DOCTOR

Glass repair kit GLASS DOCTOR


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The auto glass repair kit is designed for 1-2 applications. The crack is vacuum-coated with a special restorative compound. After a few minutes, the vacuum system is removed from the glass and cleaned to level the surface. The Glass Doctor is specially designed for DIY windshield crack repair. A characteristic feature of this glue is its amazingly low viscosity, very close to that of water. Due to this, it easily fills the crack under the action of capillary forces. During its further polymerization, the glue shrinks and tightens the edges of the crack, preventing its further expansion.

  • - Increased penetrating power ensures reliable adhesion of even the smallest cracks in glass repairs

  • - You will spend only 20 minutes of your time on repairs

  • - The kit removes such chips and cracks as: bull's eye, vortex-shaped chip, combined chip, asterisk and crack