Bu-blocks - a huge constructor for children

Bu-blocks - a huge constructor for children


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Bu-Blocks is the hit of the year among children's gifts in the opinion of children and parents! These are large and lightweight cardboard blocks that are very easy to assemble from an unfolded mold. Further, from individual blocks (cubes), you can assemble a variety of structures: vertically according to the thorn-groove principle or horizontally using additional connectors. BU-BLOCKS bricks allow kids to build anything from simple trees to huge castles with furniture inside and knights at the entrance. You just need imagination! With BU-BLOCKS you will be convinced that cardboard is not boring at all.

  • - Easy to assemble without glue and scissors (in locks, cars, animals and even furniture)

  • - Lightweight and durable, can handle even the weight of an adult

  • - Does not get wet - can be painted with paints and felt-tip pens!