Miracle Razor X-Trim

Miracle Razor X-Trim


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The X-TRIM shaver is very comfortable. It runs on standard batteries, so you can take it with you on the road. The smooth, ribbed grip will stay firmly in your hand for 100% precision, and the bright illumination of the treated area ensures that no hairs are missed. The X-TRIM shaver is an alternative to scissors and a regular shaver. Removing the hair from the ears and nose with the usual shaving accessories is very inconvenient. X-TRIM - easily and delicately removes hairs of any length and stiffness. With a razor, you can not only remove hair from your face, but also keep your hair in perfect condition. Whether trimming sideburns, trimming the hairline around your ears or shaving off excess neck hair, the X-TRIM shaver makes it easy.

  • - More efficient and simpler. Battery operated, no gel, foam or lotion required

  • - Much more functional. Hair removal from ears and nose, neck shaving

  • - More convenient and more accurate. Perfect beard and mustache styling