Kumkumadi Power - Facial Skin Care

Kumkumadi Power - Facial Skin Care


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Your royal treatment for facial skin care and rejuvenation. The recipe for this oil was first described 8 centuries ago by the doctor Vabhagata, the author of the Ayurveda textbook "Ashtanga Hridaya". The main ingredient in the oil is saffron - the most expensive spice on earth. The product literally reverses the aging process, starts the regeneration process, enhances the growth of new, healthy cells, smoothes wrinkles and small irregularities, restores and polishes the skin, improves and evens out complexion, a natural glow, smoothness and elasticity appears, creates a natural lifting, protects the skin from wilting. Acts as an antiseptic, treating acne, acne, blackheads, redness and age spots.

  • - Cell regeneration

  • - Narrowing of pores

  • - Moisturizes and normalizes oily epithelium

  • - Skin lightening

  • - Evens out wrinkled folds